...Closing Machine / Aluminium Foil Sealing
Foil Sealing And Capping Machine Model: FSC-50

Special Features Foil Sealing:
  • Handles variety of Foils like Aluminium Foil with Heat Sealable Lacquer, Aluminium Foil Laminated with LDPE. Aluminium Foil with Wad, Paper Laminated with LDPE, Paper Foil for Glueing etc.
  • Provision for Glueing (Optional).
  • No Container - No Foil System.
  • Handles foil with Tear off Lips.
  • Easy changeover from one size to other.
Special Features Foil Sealing:
  • No Container - No Cap and No Foil - No Cap Facility.
  • Torque adjustable to desired levels.
  • Handles variety of Caps like Pre-threaded, Push on etc.
  • Cap Feeders Vibratory or Mechanical Bowl typle.
Special Features Foil Sealing:
  • Works on the Principle of Intermittent Rotary Motion.
  • Output upto 3000 containers/hr.
  • Power Input: 3 kw.
  • Gives Pilfer proof - Leak proof Closing System.
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