...Wrapping Machine / Collating and Overwrapping Machine
Collating and Overerapping Machine Model: CW 20

Collating and Overwrapping Machine can collate cartons and solids of rectangular shape into multiple layers and rows and finally overwrap the bundle with heat sealable films like B.O.P.P., Cellophane etc. The entire operation is automatic. The machine can be linked with cartoning machine. Special Features:
  • The film roll can be mounted or removed from the machine in seconds.
  • The temperature of the heaters can be adjusted independently within 1°C.
  • The end sealing unit returns automatically when machine is stopped.
  • Parts of the machine coming in contact with cartons are made of stainless steel to ensure smooth movement of the cartons.
  • Specially designed Rotary cutter gives a smooth cut and has longer life.
  • P.T.F.E. coating is given to parts wherever necessary for the smooth flow of the film.
    Safety Clutch.
  • Collating upto five layers.
  • Output upto 200 cartons/min.
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