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Pneumatic Liquid Fillers
Models: LF 100 HV / LF 500 HV / LF 1000 HV / LF 2000 HV / LF 5000 HV
  • Table top model with 20 L S.S Hopper.
  • Infinite variable quantity of fill through handwheel with Scale read out.
  • Clean cut-off system for drip free fill.
  • Stainless steel cylinder.
  • Can fill free flowing and semiviscous liquids in bottles/pouches.
  • Output variable upto 20 fills/min.
  • Pneumatic interlock to complete fill cycle once the pedal is pressed.
  • No electric power required.
  • Can be operated in flame proof area.
  • Capacity upto 5 ltrs./stroke.
  • Multi-heads models also available.
Rotary Liquid Filling Machine Model: RLF 4/6/8/12/16/24
Autopack manufactures Rotary Liquid Filling Machines for accurate filling of liquids like Pharma Syrups, Oils etc. in containers/bottles. This is a rotary type piston filler with rotary valve for Drip-Proof filling. Quantity adjustment either for individual filling head or all filling heads together can be done while filling operation is in progress. Facility of No-Container No-Fill System. Number of Filling heads 4 to 24. Filling capacity ranges from 50 ml. to 5 ltrs. Output 40 to 400+ fills/min.
Monoblock Rotary Piston Filler with Capping Machine


    Special Features - Filling

  • Rotary Valve for Drip- Proof Filling.
  • Facility for simultaneous adjustment of volumes on all cylinders with one hand wheel.
  • "No Container" - "No Fill" facility.
  • Individual cylinder can also be set separately.
    Speed can be precisely controlled with AC Frequency Control System.
  • Easy adjustment of filling head height to suit different containers.
  • Can be linked to check weigher with servomotor for continuous feed back and correction of fill quantity.
  • Continuous rotary motion for higher output.
  • Can fill wide range of products from liquids to semiviscous creams.
  • Handles containers/bottles of different shapes & sizes.
  • Different models for filling from 5 ml. to 5 ltrs.
    Can fill in glass / pet / hdp container / bottle.

    Special Features - Filling
  • Number of Capping Heads - 4 to 16
  • Can handle pre-threaded caps or ROPP caps
  • Cap feeders viabratory or mechanical bowl type
  • Safety interlock for guards
  • Output 40 to 400+ U.P.M
Monoblock Rotary Vaccum Filler with Capping
Machine for Liquids Model: RLF 4012 VM
This is an Automatic Monoblock Rotary Vaccum Filler with Capping Machine for filling liquids such as liquor, syrup etc... in glass bottles or rigid containers. The filling range is from 100 ml to 1ltr and the output is upto 15000 fills per hour. The speed can be precisely controlled with AC Frequency Control System. The power input is 7 KW. The machine is provided with "No Container - No Fill - No Cap Facility."
Filling Section Model: RLF 4012 VM
Capping Section Model: RLF 4012 VM
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