Air Jet Cleaning Machines

An Air Jet Cleaning Machine is a type of machine that utilizes compressed air to clean containers. This type of machine has four, six, or eight air jet cleaning drums and operates on positive air pressure. The machine features a stainless steel body with a matt finish, and a set of reciprocating cleaning nozzles. It is also equipped with safety interlocks to prevent accidents.

The Air Jet Cleaning Machine is a compact unit that uses compressed air to clean glass bottles and other materials. It also has an unscrambler for easier container transfer. The machine also complies with GMP standards for sterile bottles. These features make this machine an excellent choice for cleaning bottles, jars, and other containers.

Using an Air Jet Cleaning Machine will help you avoid wasteful cleaning practices. Manually cleaning powder mixers is time-consuming, consuming up to 90 minutes for one operator. Using an Air Jet Cleaning Machine will save you up to 80% of that time. The machine also cuts down on the cost of hiring cleaning operators – Auto Pack Machine. At thirty euros an hour, the cost of hiring a cleaning operator can reach nearly four hundred thousand euros per year. That's money that can be used for extra production and to cut down on product loss.

Compared to manual bottle cleaning, Air Jet Bottle Cleaning Machines are highly efficient. Compared to manual cleaning methods, the machines are easy to maintain and meet GMP standards for non-sterile products. The bottle washer machine is designed with an adjustable height and high-velocity air jets for optimal cleaning results. It also has an inbuilt vacuum blower that removes loose particles from the inside surface of the bottle.

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