Auto Puck Loader Machines

If you want to improve your packaging processes, an Auto Puck Loader Machine can be an excellent solution. It automatically loads and unloads pucks, and is highly customizable. This machine can handle up to 500 pieces per minute, and features two different infeed systems. This allows for more flexibility when filling lines.

You can choose between a piston-driven or a hydraulic-driven filling system. A piston-driven system is designed to insert pucks into cans at a high rate, while a hydraulic system is geared to insert pucks into bottles. These systems are versatile enough to handle a variety of applications, including aersol containers.

Auto Puck Loader Machine conveyor systems are excellent for handling small, delicate products. They can handle a wide range of products, including lipstick, insulin pens, light bulbs, mechatronics for cars, and optical lenses. These systems are designed to be very low-maintenance, and can handle a variety of materials.

Applicable Products

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