Collating & Overwrapping Machine (CW-20)

Suitable for Vertical Layer Collating and Overwrapping of Rectangular and Square cartons with heat sealable film…depending upon Product Dimensional Size & Actual Product Shape

Adaptable for multiple configurations

It can collate cartons and solids of rectangular shape into multiple layers & rows and finally overwrap the bundle. With heat sealable film like B.O.P.P. cellophane etc. the entire operation is automatic.

Special Features

  • The machine can be linked with Cartoning Machine
  • The film roll can be mounted or removed from the machine in few seconds
  • The temperature of the heaters can be adjusted independently within 1 Deg. Cen
  • The end sealing unit returns automatically when machine is stopped
  • Parts of the machine coming in contact with Cartons are made of stainless steel to ensure Smooth movement of the cartons
  • Specially designed Rotary cutter gives a smooth cut and has long life
  • P.T.F.E. coating is given to parts wherever necessary for the smooth flow of the film
  • Safety clutch
  • Collating up to six layers
  • Working voltage of all the Heaters are 110 V for the safety of the operator


  • Alarm for no carton
  • Alarm for no film
  • Static charge Eliminator
  • Electronic /Mechanical counters.
  • Tear –Tape Attachment.
  • Shrink –tunnel for skintight packets.

Power Input: Max -3 KW
Outpun: Upto: 20 Bundles /Min
Apprx. Dimensions: 2250 mm L X 900 mm W X 1800 mm H(Without Input Conveyor Length which depending upon Required Output Product Dimensions & Actual Shape)