Oral Strip Packing Machine (FS-80)

Four Sides Seal Sachet Packing Machine for Orally Dissolving Strips (ODS – FS-80)

Machine Operation

  • The product in roll form mounted at the top of the machine pass through a series of rollers before entering the sealing area.
  • The products in the roll form are drawn through the pair of draw rollers (silicon & stainless steel) & the tension is maintained by servo motor and it gets transferred to the cutter assembly.
  • The product gets cut by cutter made of s.s.316
  • Before entering in the film product gets separated
  • The products along with both the films are drawn continuously by a pair of rollers located on either sides of the film and subsequently the side seals are carried out.
  • The chains of products with the film are sealed by the end sealing jaws.
  • The four side sealed & slit pouches are then cut by end cutting jaws.
  • Packed products emerge out through the exit conveyor of the machine.

Technical Data

  • Function: To Pack Medicated Strip In 4 Side Hermetically Sealed Pouches
  • Product Details: Medicated Strip in Roll Form
  • Laminate Details: 3 Layered Aluminium Foil
  • Pouch Dimensions: 45 to 58 Width X 65 to 120 Length
  • Out Put: Up To 400 Pouches / Minute
  • Machine Dimensions: 4600 Length X 1400 Width X 1800 Height
  • Power Input: 440 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
  • Electrical Consumption: 7.5 KW
  • Pneumatic Consumption: 4 CFM

Salient Features

  • Servo Motor Driven
  • No Product, No Print Interlock
  • Empty Pouch Rejection System
  • No product – Machine Stops with Alarm
  • Machine can run in Plain Mode / Eye-mark Mode
  • Product Contact Parts in SS-316 / Food Grade Silicon