Rotary Multi Head Screw Capping Machine (AC-3, AC-4, AC-6, AC-8, AC-10, AC-12 & AC-20)

Salient Features:

  • Continuous Rotary Motion for high outputs
  • Handles variety of containers / Cap
  • Tightening torque adjustable to desired levels
  • Diagnostic output Signals / Warnings
  • Magnetic clutch
  • Versatile design for smooth pick and Placement of caps
  • Output upto 24000 Containers / Hour
  • No container – no cap facility

Options :

  • Programmable Logic controls. (P.L.C.) with Sensors For safety interlocks like container jamming, no Container in the conveyor No cap in chute etc. for optimum performance
  • Safety interlocks for Guards
  • D.C. Motor with Soft Start Facility
  • Variety of cap Feeders
  • Bulk Elevators with level sensors
  • Total Enclosure
  • Automatic adjustments of “Tool Height through HMI”