Automatic Twin Head Cream Filling Machine (CF-70 - Twin Nozzle & CF-70 TP - Four Nozzle)

Positive Displacement Piston Fillers with Twin Rotary Valves for Drip Free Filling Suitable for High and Low Viscous products.

Filling machine for creams, shampoo, paints, liquid hand wash, liquid detergent, emulsions, adhesives, lotions, balms, food items like Honey, Chyawanprash, Avleha, Ketchup, Mayonnaise Bread spread etc.

  • Easy adjustments of quantities
  • Positive cut- off valve for drip free fillings
  • Can handle products of various viscosities in jars, Containers and bottle of different shapes and sizes
  • Output upto 4500 containers/hr
  • Fill Volume 5ML to 1000ML

Accessories used in CF-70 model to improve filling / machine efficiency:

  • Stirrer assembly inside the Hopper for High Viscous products
  • Jacketed Hopper with PUFF for Insulation
  • Multi stroke counter
  • Container Lifting Arrangement
  • Hopper Level Control System with Pneumatic valve
  • Flame Proof arrangement for Electrical items
  • Servo motor for Piston movement can be given instead of conventional cam based movement

Other equipment which can be offered along with these machines depending upon Container Shape and Stability:

  • Turn Table
  • Bottle Unscrambler
  • Air Jet Cleaning machine
  • Puck Loader
  • Capping Machine
  • De-pucking Machine
  • Labeling machine
  • EOL Automation like Check-weigher, Induction sealer, printer etc.