Body Cream Filling Machines

A Body Cream or body Lotion Filling Machine is an automated system that dispenses creams and lotions into bottles. It works on the principle of volumetric filling and features an elegant stainless steel body with a matt finish. The machine is equipped with a rotary valve and self-centering devices to fill containers with the correct layer of product. It is also equipped with an electric over air control system and an in-feed hopper.

Body Cream Filling Machine is equipped with various features to fulfill the needs of a cosmetics manufacturer. It has the capacity to fill different kinds of containers and can be integrated with automatic packaging and sealing machines. The machine can fill creams and lotions of different viscosities. It also works with paste-based products, such as glitters and cosmetics.

Before you invest in an automatic Body Cream / Body Lotion Filling Machine, make sure you know your requirements. The size of the machine you choose should be suitable for your production capacity. You should purchase a machine that meets your local regulatory authorities' requirements for the cream you will be selling. Furthermore, you should choose a machine from a reputable company to ensure its reliability. It should have a long service life and efficient productivity.

A Body Cream Filling Machine can be used for a variety of purposes, such as rehydrating and soothing the skin. It can also be used for medical and therapeutic applications. Different lotions have different viscosities, and different types require different types of filling machines. Choosing the right liquid filler is crucial for proper packaging.

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