Four Side Sealing Machines

The Four Side Sealing Machine is an efficient packaging solution for a variety of applications. It can seal a packet on all four sides, making it extremely useful for both food and non-food items. Its main applications are in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It can seal cosmetic products, surgical bandages, and even medical supplies. This type of machine can produce anywhere from 20 to 60 packets per minute. It is designed for use with various types of packaging material, including BOPP laminated film, polyester, and aluminum foil.

The four-sided sealing machine is a versatile machine that can be used to seal pouches, liquids, and powder. It also offers a range of other advantages, such as the ability to fill a package on the same machine. The FFS four-sided sealing machine also features a computer interface and control networks for easy operation. The high versatility and speed of this machine make it a great choice for a variety of packaging applications.

Four-side sealing machines are available in different types and sizes. Some models are designed to wrap two types of film or one type of film on the four sides. Others feature a touch screen and a password-protected touch screen. They also have multiple features, including medical plasters four side sealing and packing easy-to-use cutoff positions and various feeding options. They are also equipped with features such as Euro hole provision, side seal edge trimming, and auto scrap removal functions.

Applicable Products

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