Oral Dissolvable Film Strip Packing Machines

An oral dissolved film strip packaging machine has a multi-layer structure and includes an upper wrapper supply unit. The upper part of the film is coated with a coating material, and the sealing step involves supplying the film with hot air to dry. After this step, the film is coated with a main material. Then, the film strip is sealed and inspected using vision means. In this way, any defect can be easily detected and removed.

The machine is equipped with frequency conversion speed control, UL safety standard, and PLC control system. It is suitable for composite paper production. It also has a speed display and working length recording. It also has a bottom heating method for drying. It meets GMP and UL safety standards.

The Oral Dissolvable Film Strip packaging machine also includes an oral dissolvable film coating unit 11. This unit coats the lower wrapping paper with a coating solution. This process is essential for the preservation of the oral dissolvable film. As a result, the product's shelf life is prolonged.

An oral dissolvable film is typically one to twenty square centimeters in area. It can contain a single dose of up to 30 mg. Several factors have been identified as important in the formulation of the film, such as its surface pH. These factors will influence the mechanical properties of the film. As a result, there are many important considerations for the formulation of oral dissolvable film strips.

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