Pump Capping Machines

We are Manufacturer of Pump Capping Machine which is a tool that is used to close bottles of alcoholic beverages. These devices feature a tamper-proof cap that indicates the bottle has not been opened. Manufacturers can choose from a variety of different types, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. The machine's speed varies depending on the application, but a semi-automatic machine can produce up to 20 caps per minute.

Trigger capping machines are completely customizable and can be set to work anti-clockwise or clockwise. They can be designed with a cap feeder either beside or behind the machine to accommodate various kinds of containers. They also come with a variable number of capping heads. The machines are equipped with servo motors to control capping torque on press-on or lock-in-position caps.

Pump Capping Machine is a highly versatile automatic capping machine with excellent gripping power. It can handle a variety of caps, including spray, trigger, and ornamental caps. The machine also has a built-in cap sorting system to increase unit production efficiency. It can automatically adjust its position based on the size of the bottle.

Powered by a single or dual motor, this machine has a high torque output and a quiet operation. Its unique four wheel drive system helps generate exceptional torque and grip on the cap, and ensures repeatability

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