Roll Form Cut & Seal Foil Sealing Machines

Foil sealing machines are ideal for small and medium-sized manufacturing units that need to seal plastic containers with foil. The machine uses an induction coil to generate a strong electromagnetic field that heats the aluminum foil. The heat sealing layer then melts and flows on the lips of the containers, forming a hermetic seal.

Foil sealing machines can also be used to seal jars and bottles before capping. These machines are made of stainless steel and can operate continuously. They are equipped with quality variable drive motors and sealing speed controllers, which ensure a high level of efficiency. They are also equipped with an automatic induction sealer.

The machine is portable and is a great option for those who need to seal difficult-shaped products. Its two bi-active seal bars are equipped with a resistance wire, enabling it to successfully seal polyethylene films up to 2 x 0.3 mm. It can be connected to a power transformer and has a built-in timer. The timer can be adjusted accordingly to the type of film.

The machine uses a laminated film, such as PET, PE, paper, or aluminum foil. The film is then placed on a rollstock film on the back of the VFFS machine. The film pulling system consists of a series of servo motors, which operate in tandem to ensure smooth motion.

Applicable Products