Automatic Rotary Liquid Filling Machine(RLF-4, RLF-6, RLF-8, RLF-10, RLF-12, RLF-16, RLF-20, RLF-24 & RLF-30)

Rotary Piston Fillers widely used for higher output. Low Viscous products types of Oils like Lube oil, Edible oil, Hair oil etc; Ayurvedic products like Aristam Kashayam etc. and can also handle high viscous products like Shampoo, Lotion, Conditioners, Honey, Liquid Detergents, Hand wash etc.

  • Rotary Valve for clean cutoff without dripping
  • Positive container handling system with Feed screw and Star wheels
  • Proper centering of containers because of star wheels to avoid out filling
  • Lifting of Containers is possible in certain cases to avoid frothing
  • Simultaneous Volume adjustment of all Cylinders at a time
  • Simultaneous adjustment of Cylinder height for different container heights
  • No Container – No Fill Logic can be effectively implemented in this
  • Other logics like Filling start from Cylinder no.1, By passing of any defective Cylinders can also be implemented in this
  • Can be combined with capping machine for a Monoblock model for proper handling of filled containers without falling on conveyor before Capping
  • Inbuilt Product Tank inside the Machine enables easy flow of products from Tank to Cylinder during suction stroke

Accessories used in RLF Model to improve filling / machine efficiency:

  • Hot Oil Circulation system to retain Product temperature
  • CIP System with Spray balls
  • Densitometer for real time Density indication
  • Servo motor control for Volume adjustment
  • Container Lifting Arrangement
  • Hopper Level Control System with Pneumatic valve

Other equipment which can be offered along with these machines depending upon Container Shape and Stability.

  • Turn Table
  • Bottle Unscrambler
  • Air Jet Cleaning machine
  • Puck Loader
  • Capping Machine
  • De-pucking Machine
  • Labeling machine
  • EOL Automation like Check-weigher, Induction sealer , printer etc