Sanitizer Filling Machines

The Sanitiser Filling Machine is an automatic machine that fills hand sanitizer in a predetermined volume. It is precision designed on stainless steel and operates through PLC computer controls. The machine is compact and versatile. It has an integrated bottle guide. The Automatic Hand Sanitiser Filling Machine is available in the United Kingdom, Europe, Central & South America, and the Middle East.

Generally, hand sanitisers are produced in medium to low viscosity liquids. For this reason, the Sanitiser Filling Machine must be able to handle a specific viscosity. Some of the common types of hand sanitiser filling machines are piston, gravity, and overflow fillers. Other types include capping machines, cap completion systems, and cap feeding and plugging systems.

The Sanitiser Filling Machine can produce up to 60 sealed units per minute. Its safety features include a rise and fall cut-off valve assembly, a bespoke gating system, and a five-metre conveyor. Additionally, the machine includes a twin-head crimping assembly.
Sanitiser Filling Machines can be automated to fill bottles in different sizes and shapes. They also have an adjustable nozzle for the correct fill size. Stainless steel makes these machines easy to sanitize.

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