Semi-Automatic Powder Dozing Machine – PD-30

Dozing unit for accurate filling… Suitable for Powders like talcum powder, tooth powder, hygroscopic powders like horlicks, boost, bournvita, complan etc; Powder Spices like chilly powder, turmeric powder, hing etc; coffee in powder form, ayurvedic Churan, dry syrup, pesticides, other various types of NON FREE flowing powders

  • Output upto 1800 fills/hr
  • Hopper capacity 32 liters/ 16kgs… for bulk density of 0.5
  • Standard model PD-30 for Filling range 10gms to 1 kg
  • Micro Fillers with smaller size hopper for small qty filling: 2 gm to 10 Grams
  • Accuracy ± 1gm upto 100 gms by weight & ± 1% above 100 gms by weight
  • Electronic control
  • Electro-magnetic clutch brake system
  • Continuous stirring for uniform bulk density
  • Weight adjustment in seconds
  • Power input 0.75 kw

Accessories used in PD-30 Model to improve filling / machine efficiency:

  • Container Lifting Arrangement
  • Hopper Level Control System with Pneumatic valve
  • SERVO MOTOR for Augur drive for higher accuracy, can be given instead of conventional Clutch & Brake.
  • PLC HMI will be given for Servo based machine

Other models for

Fully automatic filling system for higher output