Surgical Suture Packing Machines

A Surgical Suture packing machine is a piece of equipment that is used to package surgical needles and sutures into packages. The machine is composed of a frame that includes a top, bottom, and sides. The top of the frame includes a disc member that can be rotated to various index positions. The disc also has a nest frame that holds the tool nests.

The suture strands are inserted into the machine using a stylus. The stylus advances in the suture track relative to the rotating tray package. It then moves in a direction parallel to the outer wall of package tray 10. The stylus advances relative to the suture strands.

The Surgical Suture packing machine includes an index station 990 and a suture loading station 740. In addition, the machine also features a needle and suture loading station 740. The suture strands are loaded into the packages 10 by either a manual or automatic means. Once the sutures are properly loaded, they are conveyed to the next station.

A Surgical Suture packing machine preferably includes multiple sequential operating stations along with Surgical pouch making stuff as well. The first station comprises a carousel structure. In this station, a rotary plate element slices the bottommost package tray in a stack of trays. The resulting package is then covered and produced. Once the packaging machine has completed a cycle, the suture package is automatically indexed to the next workstation.

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