Edible Oil Filling Machines

If you're looking to purchase an edible oil packing machine, it's important to choose the right machine for the job. With, you can choose from a wide range of products that will transform your oil pouch packaging operations. Autopack Machines cooking oil packing machines are efficient and feature touch screen HMI panels and PLCs. You'll also enjoy Autopack Machines Worldwide service and sales network.

This filling machine is suitable for filling various kinds of oils. Its nozzles can fill glass, metal, and plastic containers with a wide range of oil products. Its geared pump base makes it easy to operate. It's widely used in edible oil industries. Its design makes it easy to use and it works on a single phase of power.

This machine fills oil into containers and jars with a variety of seals. It has a capacity of five to fifteen liters and is available in four, six, and eight-head models. It can also be fitted with a semi-automatic tin-filling system for easy, fast, and accurate packaging. It can also be used to pack cooking oil into pouches and bottles.

The filling machine uses a volumetric filling principle to fill containers with different oil types. It can also be equipped with self-centering devices. The entire system is enclosed in a stainless-steel body to avoid contamination. Its components include a stainless steel slat conveyor and reciprocating nozzle. The filling speed of the machine can be adjusted to avoid overflowing the bottles.

Applicable Products