Hair Oil Filling Machines

The Automatic Hair Oil Filling Machine operates on the volumetric principle and is enclosed in an elegantly matt stainless steel body. It comprises a SS Syringe, Reciprocating Nozzle with self-centering devices, and twin pneumatically operated stoppers. The machine's main drive is a variable A/C Frequency drive. Stainless steel Slat Conveyor feeds containers to the filling nozzles through a settable twin pneumatically operated stopper system. The twin stopper system is capable of precisely matching the reciprocating nozzles to the containers.

There are many different models of Hair Oil Filling Machines. The capacity of the machine can range from 50ml to 250ml. These machines also have the ability to fill bottles of any special shape. The Auto Pack Machines Automatic Hair Oil Filling Machine is available in a variety of models.

The machine uses precision built valve system and S.S syringes for accurate lubricant oil application. It is easy to use and has a simple control panel. It also has an in-feed turn table that automatically feeds round containers. It follows GMP guidelines and is very low-maintenance.

Oil filling machines can be used to fill different kinds of viscous liquids such as oil and water. They offer superior temperature control for optimal sealing support. They also have advanced PID controllers and a compact design finish. They can also be fitted with electric drives for easy horizontal and vertical heating.

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