Honey Filling Machines

Whether you're running a small, backyard beekeeping project or are planning to start a commercial honey enterprise, a Honey Filling Machine can make the process easy. These machines fill up to 350-500g jars per hour and are available in a variety of capacities. The machine's productivity depends on the type of honey that's being used.

This automatic Honey filling machine has several fill nozzles that allow for varying product volumes. The machine also features a positive shutoff nozzle and infeed hopper. This eliminates drips and ensures that the product is dispensed in a layer that is perfect for the container. Other features include a rotary gear pump, shut-off valves, and cut-off systems. A USB interface is also available for easy connectivity.

The honey filling machine works by sucking the honey from an upper chamber into a lower chamber. The pumping module is made from stainless-steel and plastic and can be cleaned in a sink. The machine's software-design ensures a smooth operation, a high filling accuracy, and minimal downtime.

Honey Filling Machines automate the packaging process by combining dosing and pumping. The machine can handle various types of honey, including those with varying viscosities. Honey filling machines must provide reliable results without emulsifying the product. Several manufacturers offer machines in this market.

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