Lube Oil Filling Machines

Lube Oil Filling Machine is a highly efficient and compact machine, which is ideal for various oil filling applications. Its sophisticated design meets GMP standards. The machine uses electronic signals to control the flow of liquids. It uses a micro computer base circuitry to regulate the volume of each bottle. Moreover, the machine also has the facility of applying different labels, stickers, or shrink wraps to bottles, according to the brand and type.

The viscosity of lube oil is a measurement of its ability to withstand various pressures and other physical properties. This property is also used to select suitable lube oil. The viscosity of lube oil is normally tested through the use of Saybolt Standard Universal Viscometer (SUV). This instrument measures viscosity between 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

The process of filling oil and lube products is similar to the process of filling liquid soap. A piston-type filler is used to fill heavier products. On the other hand, a servo pump or overflow-type machine is suitable for lighter motor oils. Both piston and servo pumps are volumetrically sold. An overflow filling machine is less frequently used for oil and lube products due to the possibility of giving away the product.

This automatic lubricant engine oil filling machine is powered by a servo motor to control the piston rod. This ensures stability and higher accuracy. The machine is made of stainless steel and meets GMP standards. Its accuracy can be as high as +/-0.5 percent. Furthermore, it has an anti-drip device to prevent spillage.

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